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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Go vote.

After 8 years of a horrible Liberal presidency, why would anyone who works hard for their living, continue to support Democrats?

Well, I'm guessing, people who want others to give them everything they want for free, will continue to do so. But eventually, those who work, so others don't have to will come to a stop.

I vote every tax increase initiative down. I'm sick of paying so much of my pay into taxes, so those in Washington or in my state, can simply piss it away. We have, as a Nation, allowed the dogs to run wild at our expense.

Do I agree with everything Trump says? Hell no, but I don't support anything that Hillary supports at all. Zero. Hey, that is my right, as it is yours to support her if you wish.

Don't vote, don't bitch.

Obama didn't pay that woman's mortgage or fill her tank with gas, but she was blinded by being stupid. That is what pisses me off more than anything. Americans simply being stupid fuckers.You have the right to be whatever you want as far as I'm concerned. Just don't ask me to support your stupid endeavor.

I will never support abortions for any reason or give out welfare without the recipients taking a drug test. You need help, I am always one who rolls up my sleeve & will help. (unless you are a lazy piece of shit) then, I tend to not give a dead rats ass about what you may want. As far as same sex marriage.... I don't condone it, ergo, I don't give a shit about your concerns if you support it.

You don't agree with my views, please feel free to stay away from me & concentrate on some other asshole who thinks the same way you do.

America is awesome & anyone who sits during our National Anthem, can definitely move the fuck to Canada if you wish. Or Mexico, if you prefer a warmer climate.