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Monday, November 21, 2016

Hey news media..

Even after the Country sent all of your sorry asses the biggest message of the century, you still have the temerity to continue to shovel your horseshit on the television & the radio.

Many of you pukes should have been fired long ago. I keep blocking all the crap you try to send me in my newsfeed, but you try to skirt around by saying: You have shown interest in Donald Trump. Your version, is to send me stories where you do nothing but blast him.

I find your Liberal bias offensive & in case you still haven't got it...your agenda isn't what this country wants. I was coming home tonight from work & they were playing Meet The Press...Are you fucking kidding me? Who in their right mind pays to sponsor this garbage.

Bernie Sanders, screaming as to what he wants? Piss off you Socialist loser. The people of the state who were so brain dead to elect you, can have you, but I turned your ranting old ass off as soon as you opened your mouth.

People are tired of all of you freaks who we do good things for, & when we stop turn on us & accuse us of being everything under the sun, but what you want us to be. Progressive values? What an oxymoron.

Do every hard working American a favor. Take your flag burning, National Anthem protesting, whack job loving ass & please move to some other country that will immediately make you disappear so fast, you might become a episode on Coast To Coast.