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Friday, November 11, 2016

Let me be clear.

I don't care that people who voted for Hillary are upset that their candidate lost. I wasn't happy living through 8 years of a President that I didn't vote for either.

The difference?

I didn't cry on social media or riot & destroy some poor persons business or property. I didn't target innocent people to assault. I didn't burn my Country's flag or vow to leave the United States, because I didn't get what I wanted.

I didn't drop my pants in a public area & take a shit & then smear it on Barry's face. I did what decent people do. I went to work every day & lived with the insanity that was dumped upon the Country. I did the best I could, like most sane people do....Everyday.

The last couple of days, Liberals have shown the world what kind of vile individuals they are. Intimidation tactics, designed to make us afraid. Well, that shit doesn't make me afraid. It just pisses me off & will only strengthen my resolve to have absolutely nothing to do with these lowlifes.

Trump might not espouse the values that I endorse. I don't know, he hasn't taken office yet & hasn't been given the chance to do anything. But I know that I will never, ever, support anything the Liberals want from now on, because they have proven to me at least, that they are nothing but a bunch of rabid animals.

And make no mistake, I'm not alone in saying that people who work hard for a living & try their best to honor the law & God, are getting dog tired of dealing with these fuckers. If you call yourself a Liberal...You should be ashamed of what the Democratic party has become.

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