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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Not bad.

By the time I got over to the folks house, the old man had already put the smoker together. He told me he was going to hunt this morning, but backed out because he said it was too cold for him to climb in a tree stand. So instead, he put the pit together.

This daylight savings time change has messed my ass up. I was ok a few days after the change, but the last few days have me all goofed with the body clock. As soon as the sun goes down, I'm ready to plop dead in a bed.

A little nap is what I crave. Just finished Sammy Hagar's book Red. As it is, what he did put to pen, kind of showed a side of him that most fans didn't see...He was a prick.

He tried to shine himself up in certain situations & came off as the Angel of the Van Halen fiasco, but he casually writes about cheating on his wife, while trying to blame it on her. You have to read it, to understand why I feel this way.

Hey, I love Hagar's music. Always have from back in the Montrose days. I didn't care too much for him being in Van Halen (he didn't need them at all) And he didn't need to write this book. Some things, the fans don't need to know.

It reminded me of when I read Joseph Cotton's self penned bio. Great actor, but when I was finished, I thought, what a prick.