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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Old man...

His birthday is next Friday, but I'll be working, so I surprised him with a new barbecue pit & smoker tonight.

Yeah, I gave him a new tackle box for his birthday, so he shouldn't have got anything else, but I felt sorry for him, since his candidate for President lost.

Didn't stop him from trashing Trump though. I told him, sour grapes. You didn't mind sticking it in & breaking it off every time you saw me, when you knew I wasn't happy with Obama... Yeah, but he was a good President he said, Trump is a piece of shit.

Really? The man hasn't even had the chance to take the oath & you are condemning him already. He said, I don't want to talk about it.

I love him, but if he wasn't my Pop....

I was like, here, have a cold beer. After a few, we drifted back on the subject of the election & I had to listen to him whine. I said, be careful, dogs can only get kicked so much before they decide to bite.
I know he wants to tell me to eat shit, but I just got him a pretty decent gift & it isn't polite to tell someone to fuck off after they have done something nice for you.

I can't talk politics or religion with him, which is just how it is. We get going & I just laugh & say, you are going to smoke a dog turd in Hell for that. He gets all bent then.

I'll go over tomorrow & put it together for him if he hasn't done it before I get there.