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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Trump!

Hey, I like the sound of it!

My faith has been restored in my country tonight. The nation turned out & woke up. The media, who sucks by the way, are still crawling out from under their rocks, shaking their heads & boo hooing over the results.

They never got it & probably never will. People are tired of not being listened to. The public sent a message & Mr. Trump will now have to deliver & make our Country great again!

Instead of dividing us as a nation, which is what the Liberals have been doing, it is time to come together & stand proud again. What a historical moment to have had the privilege of living through.

To all the assholes who said they would leave the country if Trump won, please feel free to leave as soon as possible. And to all the Republicans who went back on your word, you can go away as well, no one with an intelligent thought, will ever trust you.

I really hope he pursues the prosecution of Hillary for crimes, but who knows. I am one happy dude with the way things went in my state & I have sympathy for some folks who live in Illinois (because that state is really fucked up)

Time to celebrate & have a few cold ones!!!