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Monday, November 7, 2016


Love him or hate him, he was certainly a hell of a man. He survived seven stabbings and eight shootings.

While some claim he circumvented the law himself, to achieve his goals, I can only say that if someone killed my wife, I would make sure they were as Jerry Clower once said....They would be graveyard dead.

I believe his auto accident that broke his neck & killed him was probably murder, but that is only speculation. His daughter & Mother believed it was intentional.

When he died, he was 36 & I was 11. When his wife was killed, I was 4.

When I was involved in organizing a Union (many years ago) I had someone insert drywall screws in my tires & I had a blow out on the interstate late at night. I was driving at a high rate of speed, but was able to control my car enough to avoid a wreck. I changed the tire with a spare & drove on home & took the blown one in to the shop to see if it could be fixed. That was when the mechanic called me back to the bay & asked me if I had any enemies. He showed me where it was no accident, that the tire had been sabotaged. He looked at me & said, someone tried to Buford Pusser you dude.

Never did find out who did that, & the Union I pulled for, wound up showing me what a bunch of fucktards they were. Intimidation & threats on my well being. Well, I'm still here, but I always do a once around my vehicle when I leave anyplace because of that incident. Checking to make sure .

Hey, blowing out a tire like that & almost flying off a bridge into the river, & then finding out that it was done intentionally... One can never be too careful.