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Monday, November 28, 2016

Rainy day.

Weather like this & I just want to spend the day in bed under a nice warm blanket. But I had to get out & run some favors.

I took some wicker pieces over to the folks house & I went to get my tires rotated. Instead, I went ahead & ordered four new ones to put on Thursday. The tread is still half, but I want new ones on before I have to drive in Winter weather.

I'll give these to Pop & let him sell them. He took one of the barrels I gave him & sliced it up & made him a couple of stump burners. We were torching one yesterday & drinking a few cold ones.

Doing laundry & thinking about snuggling up & watch movies the rest of the day, but I'm betting I'll have to get back out...The best laid plans of mice & men...