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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Running around.

Having a cell phone while in a store is pretty cool. I was able to snap a picture & make sure I was getting what the Grandson wanted. I also was amazed that where they told me to go get it, I actually found it, plus... After I bought a bunch of stuff, they added it up & I saved 95 dollars.

Shit, I set a budget (because if I don't, I go in the hole pretty quick) but this will allow me to get some more for him & still stay in the parameters. As it is, I spent more than I should all the way around & I'm not finished.

But hell, I can't take it with me & I just get all stupid at Christmas time. I even dropped some money in the food pantry kettle. Got home & saw that my dusk to dawn light was burnt out....

Damn, another thing on the list to do tomorrow. I need to change my oil sometime this weekend & go get the tires rotated or put some new rubber on the little red beast.

Right now, cold ones & good tunes.