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Thursday, November 10, 2016

When is a Liberal lying?

When they open their mouth.

The list is long, of asshole Liberals who said they would leave the greatest Country on the face of the Earth, if Trump was elected President. Take Cher here...this skank said she would move to Jupiter. Not far enough as far as I'm concerned.

Samuel Jackson: He’s had it with this mother f***ing Trump in this mother f***ing election! Sam says he would be “moving my black ass to South Africa,”

The list goes on & on of people who I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire. Yet, they felt the need to put it out there, that they would leave if they didn't get what they wanted. Like, the Country gives a shit.

Well, lets see how much their word means shall we. I wait with anticipation to see any of these liars pick up & actually do what they say they will. Sell all of your shit & get the hell out of America. Won't happen. Why?

Because they are Liberal liars.

Chelsea Handler (I had to look her up, because that is how much impact she has on this catfish) Said she bought another house in another Country, just in case, because she stated she would leave (not like those who say they will & won't) Well...I'm waiting lady.

All of these people, who think they are better than the backbone of this great Country, think they can say anything & we will live our lives, according to what they think or do. Get fucking real.

Every single one of them, felt the need to tell the world that they would leave if this happened. So, lets see how much integrity a Liberal celebrity has. I can tell you this much... I won't hold my breath. I also welcome anyone letting me know if anyone of these liars actually bail. If they do, I will respect them for honoring their word.

If Cher actually climbs on a rocket headed to Jupiter, I will never call a Liberal a liar again. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say, that ain't gonna happen.