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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Work smarter...

I was helping a fellow employee with a work order & was removing screws from the door skirts on these entry rooms. I had to get in & out (while they were occupied) & the quicker you are, the less shit you have to get from the people sitting in these rooms.

I had one screw in one, that would not back out with my screw gun. So I applied a little pressure (which must have been a lot of pressure actually) I couldn't get it out, so I went & pulled screwdriver off of my cart & used a bigger bit & it came right out. But, as you can see, I bruised the hell out of my hand, by pushing my drill against the door with it.

I hate when this shit happens.

But it beats when you pinch the flesh between your thumb & first finger with a pair of dykes or bolt cutters or needle nose pliers, or wire strippers, or crimps..  or a dozen other little bastard  tools that seem to always close hard, when you have that part of your hand in the way.

You would think I have wised up enough to not allow this to happen, but when you get in a hurry....

I zipped my penis up in my pants zipper only once when I was a child. That is why every guy can relate to the frank & beans scene. That is something that you only do once.