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Monday, November 14, 2016

You may think...

You know everything about a certain person. But I have found, that when you reach that conclusion, you only wind up being completely wrong.

People have a tendency to hide from others, what they think may make them look weak or silly. At least, that is what guys do. And when you think someone is an asshole...One day you find out.....

Yeah, they are pretty much what you thought they were.

Didn't see that coming did you.

Most people don't wake the hell up & have an epiphany that hey...I have been a complete asshole my entire life. Most folks are opinionated &...lets face it...fucking stupid.

There isn't one person who is reading this blog, that doesn't have to on a daily basis, deal with someone who is a fucking moron. Oh, you probably do what I do. Smile & put up with their dumb ass, but in your head, a little voice is saying... I wish you were on a milk carton.