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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Don't be confused...

As now gone Steve Mizerany used to say.

People have a tendency to get sidetracked from what is important in life. They allow themselves to get sucked in to other peoples drama. Trust me, happiness is living life every day, enjoying what gets tossed on your plate. Whether it is steak or pig snoots (which I'm not a big fan of)

The point is, quit allowing others to dictate your enjoyment. I bitch & rant on here, but it is really just to poke fun, because things I hate or have no control over.... I just comment on, I don't let it drag my good natured disposition down.

Years ago, as I was working a job, I was dragging in some pallets, to use to stack parts on. As I was outside behind the building, I stepped on a huge nail, that punctured my boot & drove itself on up into my foot. I looked down, laughed & slid it back out. Yeah, it hurt, but the good news was, I had to go get a tetanus shot. Now, you must be going, what is so damn good about that, more pain. Well, yeah, but it didn't get infected & I was covered for another ten years or so, until I needed another one. You can always look at life from the point of view that everything sucks...Or you can look at it that, this was suppose to happen & try to figure out why.

Good luck with that endeavor. Because some shit happens for reasons you may never discover.