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Friday, December 9, 2016

I really hate...

 When I do something stupid.

Last night, right before the end of the shift, I decided to mess with my brother from another Mother. I washed my hands and took the paper towels and wadded them up and tossed them at him. He didn't see them and I hit him in the kisser. I then said... Catch.

I told him, I guess you need to sharpen up that reaction time buddy. I got in my locker and he had slipped around behind me, before I knew it. I turned around and here he came... So off I went...

He chased me through the shop and out into the power plant. I thought he was going to stop and I turned around to look and he was right there. So I hit the jets and pulled a hamstring in my left leg. I was proving Newton's Law and as I went down, I smacked the concrete floor with my left elbow. My right hand had a can of Diet Dew in it and to not spill it, I wound up smacking the floor with my hand.

I wound up pouring the soda out anyway, but I was lying there, laughing, because it was funny and because my pulled muscle was hurting. He helped me up and I hobbled back to the time clock, laughing.

Note to self: Next time I decide to mess with Sasquatch, I need to stretch out first. Hard telling how long my ass is going to hurt, before that damn muscle heals.