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Saturday, December 10, 2016

My ass hurts.

I can walk without too much pain from the pulled hamstring, but it hurts like Hell to just sit. So things I enjoy (like taking a dump) kind of suck. I usually plop open a book & take my time relaxing when it comes time to take care of business.

Driving hurts as well, especially when getting in or out of the truck. The last time I pulled a muscle on that side, was freaking many years ago, trying to catch my sister's dog, who had bolted out her back door. I was hauling ass & just as I was about to catch him, he just stopped & I had to do so as well & jump over him. I wound up pulling a groin muscle then. Lying on the ground laughing (because men don't cry over stupid shit like that)

We save our tears for things like, running out of beer when you are too messed up to go get more.