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Friday, December 23, 2016

Ring the bells....

Wrapping presents & drinking some cold ones. Even remembered to get my family's dogs some toys.

Hey Jeannette, I got your card & sent one back. No, I didn't send a picture of me naked. I wasn't drinking at the time.

I went & helped the old man pick up a china cabinet he bought from a lady in Arnold today. It was raining & as we sat in her driveway, waiting for her to show up, he said, I would have asked some of my friends to help me instead, but they are all too old to do it or dead. (this is crap, he just hates to ask anyone to help him) This gal was 81 & had sold her house & when she showed up, I thought... you go girl. As I talked to her, she was pretty spry for her age.

I had no problem taking it apart & getting it out into the garage & on the trailer, but the old man was like...I'm just out of shape for this. We drove in the rain & got it in the house & as I wiped it down, I said, ok, here comes the hard part...lifting the top up on the base. We did it, but the old man said, shit, I'm out of shape.

I told him, you just need a cold beer.

I'll never understand my Dad. He is never satisfied with anything he has, or anything he does. Me, I'll wear a shirt until it literally falls apart. All of the women in my life have gave me shit about that. They have thrown away my shit, because it means nothing to them. But I can still remember my dad, having me tear down a fence that we built, about ten different times. Each time, erecting it differently, with different cuts of wood. (even telephone poles, that fence sucked)  There was nothing wrong with it, he was just tired of the way it looked.

I'm surprised that he hasn't been married twenty times.