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Friday, December 16, 2016

The worlds most interesting man..

My bud Ivan stopped by last night. A complete surprise. We were celebrating a Christmas meal & he had left for a new job, so no one expected him to ever come back & associate with this wrecking crew again.

They are treating him very well over at Monsanto, who was just bought out by Bayer. He told me our place had left him a message & was wanting him to conduct an exit interview, which I told him they just might do. He asked me if I thought he should participate in it & I said, absolutely. You have a new job, making a lot more money & this is an opportunity to let administration understand why they lost a valuable employee.

Lets be real, every job you have ever had or will ever have, is full of people who are assholes. The only difference is the faces & names may change. We all have to put up with situations & people that at times, make us hate where we are & or, what we are doing. That is life.

If you love what you doing, you can overlook people who love to pee in your Cheerios. Of course, having a well paid position can allow one to tolerate more intolerable situations. But sometimes, money just isn't the main factor.

I'm sure, I'm not alone in saying, everyone would love to make more money. But no matter what my rate of pay, I always give a hundred percent in everything I do. I have been called all kinds of things, by all kinds of folks, who think I'm crazy to be this way...But that is the way I am. A job worth doing, is worth doing well.

Even if those above you will never appreciate it.