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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Why am I sore?

Because, I have spent the last few days on my knees running augers down drains.

Clocked on, & went to relieve day shift, who was working on a nasty one. I got there & they pulled the cable out & the drop head was gone. What we didn't know, was that they had snapped it off, by going through a pipe in a clean area.

Of course, it wasn't so clean after that. Then the fun really began. Let me say, I hate engineers. They dream shit up & never have to worry about anyone who might have to actually work or service their dumb ass ideas. Contractors don't care as well. Hey, they install it & move their happy asses on.

We were not on the housekeepers list of folks who get a Christmas card after last night, but welcome to the party pal. Tis the season of sharing. Five & a half hours later, it was done. Only to get yet another one.

He's an angry elf.