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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Before you know it...

Your childhood is over. Then, people that went along for the ride, start leaving the planet.

As a boy, I have to say, watching the Mary Tyler Moore show was done, simply to look at her. Ted Knight had the cherry part, but lets face it, the episode with her in the green dress.....

I missed out on her in prime time pretty much during the Dick Van Dyke show. It went off the air in 66 & I was only three years old. But I would catch that in reruns. It was her character as Mary Richards that I sat around the TV on Saturday nights (when my parents could drag me in from outside)

I always thought she was the bomb.

Last year I read her autobiography & it kind of took the innocence out of what I had built her up in my mind to be.

Reality can do that I guess. Rest in peace Mary.