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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Despite all my rage....

I am still just a rat in a cage....

I quit listening to the news on the way into work on the radio, because it is all filled with nothing but whiny ass Liberals...still trying to get me to give a rats ass about their pain.

The world is a vampire.....

To the Liberals: Fuck you, you lost, get over it.
To PETA: Fuck you, I love eating animals. (nothing better than deer chili)
To celebrities: Who said they were leaving the country...Fuck you, Canada is still where it always has been. Move on up.
To Obama: Shut the fuck up & go away already.
To the Boy Scouts: What the fuck is wrong with you?  Tell that little girl to go join the Girl Scouts & tell her parents to eat shit.

To the Fed Ex guy: Well done, you have my respect.

To Iran: Your time is coming bitches.

To President Trump: Keep up the good work.