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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

On the last day of December, I came across a light fixture that was out. They had installed it with the tabs over the rounded header.

I looked at it & thought, what assholes. I had to lift the fixture up & move it to the side to swing it out & change the bulbs.

I showed this picture to my former boss & he asked me if I swung the cover around. Well Duh, of course I did. But I should have just put it back the way it was. The only problem is, I would wind up being the only one who would change it when it went bad the next time.

Then I saw that William Christopher passed away. Rest in peace Father Mulcahy. I remember the one with him & Radar saving the guys life by inserting the ink pen in his throat. Also the one when the young soldier wants sanctuary ( a good episode) 

I made it home without being creamed by an amateur, but I saw quite a few that I would have pulled over if I was a cop. Drinking a cold one & hoping this year brings us all more love & peace (if that's what you are into)