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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I do enjoy...

My drive into work. I listen to all kinds of different stations, depending on my mood & the weather conditions are not a big deal. In other words, I'm pretty much a content kind of guy.

But I was almost creamed ten different times yesterday. From the assholes who were simply not paying attention, to the nimrods who are just bad drivers.

Then, when I clocked on, I had to endure the torture of individuals who only God knows, why they were hired to perform their allotted function. Because literacy & speaking articulately must not be a prerequisite for employment these days. Lets not even go into the concept of actually having knowledge of the subject you were hired for in the first place.

It seems to me (and this is just my opinion) that quite a lot of folks, simply take absolutely no pride in anything they do these days. And since that is becoming the norm, those above them, just lower the bar to accommodate the ever growing majority. Teachers are always bitching that they want more money, yet, the end product of their labor, continues to baffle this man's mind. I daily, have to deal with people, who can't spell, can't think, or cannot read.

Their interaction in the chain of communication to reach me, impedes the performance of my craft. In other words, they make my job frustrating & cause the customer to suffer, due to their I don't give a shit attitude. turn... just rubs me like a rock in my shoe.

I have all kinds of simple ideas to change this situation, yet, no one really gives a Hillary whether it is done efficiently & professionally. I have banged my head against a wall so much, I look like Flathead from Dick Tracy. Well....I'm done with it. Stick a fork in me.;~)