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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ice be a coming...

They were already getting ready as I went into work yesterday & I'm scheduled to be on the roads as well.

Hey, all I can say is, I will try my best to make it, but I'm not going to kill myself for a place that considers me less than an average employee. (long inside story)

You will, throughout your life, have people be disparaging in their evaluation of your character. But be of good cheer, because lets face it...if you find those same individuals, ones that you wouldn't urinate on if they were on fire, then how important could their observations be in the first place.

Simply be faithful to your values. Enough of the soapbox....

I once, walked through an ice storm to try to get to work, because my truck was in a ditch. I waited too late to leave, because I helped someone (I won't say who) get their vehicle across a dam & safely in a garage. Then, when I slid in the ditch, they basically said, sucks to be in.

I was determined to make it & said, screw you.

Off I went. I made 20 miles, before I had a State Trooper pick me up & tell me I was an idiot & go back home. I still had 50+ miles to go. I hit a pay phone (because this was before cell phones) & my boss was like, I wrote you off hours ago dude, go back home.

I then had to walk back 20 miles. I saw cars flipped over. Helped people to safety & watched snow mobiles riding down the freeway. Helped a gal get her car to a hotel. Then had a truck driver pick me up, telling me he would get fired for doing so, but he wouldn't let a dog walk in that weather. I still had to traverse most of it back on foot. I had a nice conversation with God, because I was wondering if I was going to make it. Did I also say that it was way below zero as well & after 3 in the morning?

After I got to the house, a few hours later, I couldn't get the individual to help me get my truck out of the ditch, so I called a tow truck (who stuck it in my ass) but I got it out & learned a lesson about people. Oh, I still bend over backwards to help this person, because I am probably just a dumb ass at heart. And I still have tried to drive in an ice storm, will attempt it again come Friday.

It's amazing the perseverance of some dumb ass dinosaurs. Sue me, I'm a man. It can't be done is not in my DNA.