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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In gratitude...

A certain department sent us a box of this. The boss opened it up & said, enjoy.....

I said, well, if I was a bird, I would be happy as a lark. But, since I'm a man, I would like to think if they were wanting to show appreciation, they would send us a case of cold ones.

Looks to me, like they are saying we are a bunch of old fat dudes. Just an observation. I mean, everything in here, has sunflower seeds in it. Just one simple bag of peanuts to munch on as I drink a cold one, would suffice. But I can't stand sunflower seeds...because again, I'm a man & not a bird.

If you want to thank a man for doing something for you, here is a clue. Don't send him this kind of shit. A cold one, a steak or even flash us your tits. We will know we are appreciated then. Sending me this, gets you one thing...Last in line the next time you have a problem you need this man to address.