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Friday, January 20, 2017

Jerry Rice

So, Black folks got nothing better to bitch about, other than the Great Rice, wearing the taste mask.

Give me a break.

Lets see, they are complaining that it promotes stereotypes. Really? How about, it is just a parody & he is selling Popeyes chicken. Are you saying Black folks don't eat chicken? because I know that is a lie. Now, if he had on the taste mask & there was a vagina where the chicken is.... I could understand, because I know lots of Black guys who won't eat that. Me...I'm a chicken & cooter eating mother.... In case you aren't aware, the spokesperson normally is a Black woman saying honey you'll love my chicken. Again, if she was saying honey you'll love my hair pie, I could understand. I know lots of Black folks & I have yet, to meet one who hates chicken. But I'm sure they exist, remember Iran's president saying there wasn't any gay people in Iran?

I'm getting pretty fed up with thin skinned people. I don't care what color you are. I don't personally like how they always make the White guy look stupid in commercials, but you don't see me getting all batshit crazy. When I see that type of commercial (and I don't think it is funny) I simply won't buy the product. One reason why I'll never buy Charter internet or phone or tv services. The Black couple are all cozy in their nice house watching football, while the dumb ass White guy falls off the roof.

So, lets see how many Black folks quit eating Popeyes. I haven't had it in probably fifteen years, but I'm going to stop at Butler Hill (the closest one to me) & ask for a taste mask...And a vagina.