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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Well Green Bay got their ass spanked (which upset my sister) & pretty boy Tom showed the Steelers what assholes they can really be.

Speaking of assholes, Saturday, I would up getting into it with some fucktard down the street. I have no idea where he lives, but he showed up in front of my house, honking his horn, like I was his bitch.

Long story short, the neighborhood kids & others from different streets, like to play around my house. That, I don't care about. But when I'm gone at work & come home to find that they took rocks & pelted my garage doors, or toss bricks up on the roof of my garage...Well, then it goes to a different level. I caught a couple of them, coming in my yard with a big ass piece of metal. They thought I wasn't home & when I confronted them, they dropped the iron but couldn't give me an explanation as to why they were in my yard & what they intended to do. Found out they lived blocks over, so I told them to go home & the next time I catch them in my yard, we would be getting the police involved. Those two have stayed away. That was when I started locking the gates.

Now, I have a few others, who act like Eddie Haskell, but as I was leaving Saturday, one of them, took my gate lock. Of course, no one admitted to being the one who did it, but they didn't have any problem blaming kids who weren't there. I told one to go ask his brother if he had it (because I caught him trying to take it once) so they disappeared. I was waiting for them to bring it back or at least that kids father to show up, when this guy did. I thought he was this kids dad, so I went in front to talk to him.

He started calling me a MF as soon as I got to the gate & jumped out & said he was going to beat my ass. I told him, that ain't going to happen. My keys were in my truck in the back of the house & my front gate was locked, so I thought about vaulting over the fence, but that would have gave him the opportunity to clock me in a vulnerable position. I asked this idiot who he was (which he refused to answer) so I asked him where did he live. He motioned down the street. I suggested he go there & take his kids with him. He jumped back in his truck & left, but this little prick made a threat to cause me bodily harm, so I'm not sure it isn't over yet.

I'll tell you this much. I'm getting real tired of having to deal with garbage people.