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Sunday, January 15, 2017

More coming in a few hours.

A big ass line of ice is headed my way. I went in to work yesterday & made it home before the third wave moves in.

I offered Thursday, to stay, as long as the entire time I was there, I could stay on the clock. That was shot down, so I clocked out & went home when my shift was over. When I went in yesterday, I found out that everyone there, was allowed to do exactly that.

When I clocked on, they all left (so much for help) But at the end of my shift, no one from thirds were there to run customer service calls. So Uncle Buck, who has been there (on the clock) since Friday, stayed (as he was planning to do anyway) Since no boss decided to call & authorize me to stay...I came home.

If I can make it in today, I will, but if it is icezilla....I'm calling in. I have learned from past experience, if it isn't written, or witnessed...then you be shit out of luck. I guess if they wanted me to be there, they would have made the effort to let me know.

All of my exes had no problems letting me know when they were done for example. Albeit....come to think about it, coming home to an empty house wasn't much warning. Or, coming home & another guy being there, wasn't much of a heads up either... Or....the night before our wedding, catching her with another guy wasn't much of a calendar date as well... Hmmm. Scratch that statement, because that list can go on.

I guess bosses are like women. They will do what they want, & if you want to know what the hell is going on, you will just have to ask Mr. Owl. He was pretty informative on those three licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.