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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Call me busy...

The last few days, I have been balls to the wall. I changed the oil in the truck, did my own taxes (and saved me some money).  I use to allow myself the luxury of having a certified accountant do them, because I don't really splurge on myself for much. But my tax lady retired & I said, screw it. Instead of forking out $121.00, I did them myself this year.

Hell, the money I saved can go towards some cases of cold ones.

The picture is from left to right, my Aunt Patty, Pop, My Grandmother & Mom. I was over at the parents house today (we had fried catfish) & they stopped by to visit. Yeah, I could have been doing a dozen different things today, but I'm glad I was there instead. When your family is gone, you will always regret not spending enough time with them.

I also have to say, that even though I'm older, I have held up pretty well for the mileage. There is a reason I say this, but suffice to say, some friends of mine have not fared well as the sand has run to the bottom of the glass.

I'm still a sexy bitch.

My blog, my bullshit;~)