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Monday, February 20, 2017


When I crash at night, I have all these faces come to me in my dreams.

Some are people I know, while others are those that have came & went in my life that I did my best to help.

I never dream about people I hate. You know, those you wish were swinging at the end of a rope in a public square. I guess my subconscious doesn't bother to dwell on those who mean nothing to me.

Perhaps we should live our waking hours with more involvement from our crashed side... yet, in my dreams, I find myself eventually being put in a position where I wind up falling from a great distance. Even though in my reality, I spend lots of time, crawling out on precarious positions that others abstain from.

I guess my inner self is basically telling me to quit taking chances on people & situations, yet...a life without challenges is certainly one not worth living. I also have crawled into spots where others would never go & in my dreams, I find myself being extremely claustrophobic when reliving these moments...

Go figure.

It takes a certain individual to run towards a dangerous situation, but no one wants to become a Floyd Collins.