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Monday, February 27, 2017

Goodbye hairy shit.

I was in an enclosed space last night, working on some plumbing & it was rather a warm area. My face started to sweat.

Screw it, time to shave it off.

Let's be clear...I didn't watch the Oscars & I'll probably never give a shit about watching it ever. I'm getting real tired of people who mean absolutely nothing to me, thinking I care about them giving themselves awards. I'm also tired of all the Liberal crap that Google news service on my phone, tries to dump on me. I have deleted things that I hate, yet they still try to shove stories they know I don't want to read.

The television news doesn't get it either. They really think the populace is too stupid to see bias being reported. I turn them off. I do the same with radio stations that broadcast crap like Meet The Press. How do these idiots still have jobs?

I don't care about the plight of any illegal aliens in my Country. If you are here illegally, as far as I care, you need to be deported...Period. You want to become an American? Cool, I have no problem with that. Do it the legally, but if you think I'm going to shed a tear, because you are too lazy or are a criminal...Think again.

The amount of money our Government shells out to people who have no right to it, boggles the mind.