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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Just like frogger...

That is what I feel like, when I drive into work. So many people are texting away on their damn phones, that I have to dodge them continuously, all the way to my destination.

Even when I get to the parking garage. They are backing out & looking at their phone, not where they are going. You just want to drag them out of their vehicle & pound their face.

I'll be on 270, just cruising along doing the speed limit, & someone will blow by me with their head looking down into their phone. I truly marvel that I don't see more people killed actually.

I see people walk into doors, walls, you name it, while engrossed in some stupid video on their phone. That, I kind of enjoy. But it pisses me off when they bash into my truck (which has happened) as it was parked, because they were buried in their phone & not watching where they were going.

If you do this, you are without a doubt, a prick & I have no sympathy for anything bad that may happen to you as you tool around in a vehicle that can easily kill someone.

I hope there is a special place in Hell for assholes who do this.