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Thursday, February 9, 2017

No wonder I have been sick..

70 degrees the other day, down to 18....Got to love Missouri.

Been sucking every four hours on Alka-Seltzer Plus day to get me through the last few days & doing the night one to crash. But I have to do some laundry tonight, so I'll down a few cold ones instead. Whatever it was, the first couple of days were knock out lying in bed...Period.

I ran into a person at work last night, who I haven't seen in a month or so & they freaked out about my beard. She said, man, you sure grew that thing out fast. You should see what happens when the wind blows....(she didn't get it & I didn't explain)

It's nice to feel better, because I can't stand to be around people when I'm sick. It's hard enough to be around them when I feel good.

I will say that the Super Bowl did spawn a decent commercial with Melissa McCarthy. I would never buy that P.O.S. car they are hawking, but watching her ass get slammed into the boat...