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Saturday, February 11, 2017

R.I.P. Don.

On the way into work yesterday, I saw this dude & thought about Don Craig. Don worked with me years ago as a dispatcher & a courier & we use to go to this little bar called the Hive. We called it the Dive.

Don was the same age as my Mom & he told me he had a son in Florida that was the same age as me. Don was big into riding & owning motorcycles. He had a spill on old 67 highway (which was a two lane where he ate pavement) After that, he sold his bikes & bought a t-bucket.

Don was one of the nicest guys you would ever meet, Give you his last dime kind of guy. He left & moved on & got married again. The next time I saw him was up at the hospital. He was having stints put in his heart (he had bad problems there) The doctors told him they could not put any more in him, he was done. But...he made it through there & moved to St. Gen.

I ran into a friend who told me he was back up in the hospital a few days ago. Heart problems again. I went by his room, but since I have been holding on to a section of the flu, I didn't want to pop in & expose him. Didn't matter...They had him all morphine up & he was on the downward slide. He passed away the other day.

One time, we all were at the bar after work & was sitting upstairs. The waitress who knew all of us, brought us extremely chilled mugs. She started pouring from a pitcher in his glass & I looked at him & said, dude, there is a hole in your glass. (because I saw a little bit of beer around his mug) he said, naw, she just spilled a bit.

He reached for it & his glass split right in two. A perfect slice right down the middle & both half's fell over...The beer stood there for a second....then spilled all over the place. I have never seen that happen before or since. We all laughed & got him a new mug.

I'm toasting you now my old friend.