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Thursday, March 9, 2017

A good feeling...

Is when shit happens & you don't know why, but you tackle the problem until you figure out how to make it right.

I stopped & picked me up a new pair of strippers & I will not...lend them out so someone can try to cut a bolt with them like my last pair.

I will say this...The last few days, I have witnessed people doing extremely stupid things & afterwards, have no idea that they just made my moron meter. I pondered if I should point out what they said or did, but then I figured, what the hell & pointed that shit out anyway.

Come on, people will never know they are idiots if you don't bother to school them. If nothing else, they will think twice before opening their pie hole around me the next time. One incident made me just shake my head. I had a call that a sink was leaking. I investigated it & yes, the goose-neck was loose (which I tightened up) but it wasn't leaking. Nothing on the supply or the drain.

The individual who reported it (I won't say, but would love to) I informed what I found. She said, well it came from somewhere.... Yes, I believe it was a certain substance (which I told her what I thought it was) & that someone had spilled it on the floor. She looked at me like I had three heads & dismissed me like I was the village idiot. Even though I told her it was a sticky substance that had gelled on the floor, not water.

Her Pompous attitude made me laugh, because she thought she was correct in her summation of the problem, yet when I pointed out to her the correct answer, she acted like I was a turd.

I should have simply informed her that I found a leak & fixed it. It would have allowed her to feel justified in her concern & for me to exit being the subservient mendicant that she obviously thought I was. Instead, I made her feel like a stupid ass (which she was) & after she coped the twat attitude....Well, I explained in technical terms why she was a moron. She was so in a different world, she had no idea that I had thesaurus her ass in a display that was worthy of a Shakespearean work.

Her reply was....What...ever....

It's hard to gain satisfaction over a dumb ass, when they cannot even understand that you hold them in contempt, because they are too busy doing so to you.