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Friday, March 17, 2017

Another one bites the dust.

Yet another fellow worker threw his work boots in the trash & said good bye. When told, don't be a stranger, come back & visit...He said, that shit ain't gonna happen. (or so I was told) Because by the time I came in, he was gone.

The ten years or so he worked there, he never did me any favors or lightened my work load, so I'll miss him as much as I would a tumorous growth.

I'm not a harsh man, but the few interactions I had with him, were him pretty much telling me he wasn't going to fix certain items that were his responsibility to do so. Of course, others said, he was one hard working dude. I didn't see it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't so.

A fellow worker who left for a better job stopped by to visit later in the evening. We told him, how come you always know when to show up for a free meal. He is doing well in his new job (making more money for one thing)  but it was nice to see him & know he is doing fine.

 We were talking & in doing so, I found out that a guy who worked with me for 17 years in another department had quit as well. This guy was a hard worker, but being Bosnian, he had some trouble with the language barrier. For some reason, he thought my name was a different one, but always hailed me whenever he saw me. I never took the time to correct him & when I was in an area working & I heard him yell out Jerry.... I knew it was him & stopped what I was doing & listened to what he wanted to share. The reason he thought that was my name, was because whenever he ran into problems with certain equipment & would stop other people from my department, they would blow him off & tell him it was Gerry's responsibility to fix it. (which was true)

When he ran into me, I would listen & address whatever he needed to have fixed. So...He naturally assumed I was Gerry. I would hear him call me Jerdy & Immediately I would go Waaah & think of Lewis. He would laugh but had no clue.