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Monday, March 6, 2017

Been a wild few days.

I have learned that the best way to assure that I get shit done that I'm suppose to address when I'm off, is to write a list.

It's successful at work, & also at home (most of the time) The biggest drawback, is trying to get others to cooperate with your list on your timetable. It pisses me off for instance, when you go to get your tires rotated. They loved charging you the extra money when you purchased the new rubber, for the "lifetime" rotation of the tires, but when you show up to have them done...They never seem to have the time to want to "fit" you in. I have left businesses before, for telling me they rotated them & just made me wait in the lobby for over an hour & didn't do squat. (of course I have a way of telling) And presented with the evidence, that particular establishment had to admit the truth & I made them do it & never went back.

I cut my grass today, because it was getting high in places already & it looks like a nasty bit of weather is heading my way in a hour or so. The wind is howling like an ex wife right now. I laid down to take a 15 minute nap & wound up crashing for 2 hours. Gonna try to watch some movies, curled up under a heated blanket, as the sky cries.