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Thursday, March 30, 2017


Well our little pot luck chili fest went rather well at work last night. Scot & his wife showed up. (it was so nice to see them) Fighting the good fight, plus he has quit smoking.

Two guys called off, so we were short handed & as I was running around like a monkey on acid, I was in a ceiling replacing tiles from a leak & that shit got everywhere. I had enough & when I got home, I cut all my hair off. It was just that time. Man it feels much cooler.

I had an older housekeeper ask me to fix a few items last night right as I was looking at something the first shift was passing on. She had this attitude at first, complaining that no one from days would come & fix anything & I told her I couldn't explain why no one from days had not addressed her concerns (probably because she wouldn't take the time to actually bother to contact someone through the proper channels) But that this particular department was locked up by the time we are running the shift & since I don't have badge access, I don't bother to try to sweep that area. (plus, it isn't my area to normally be concerned about)

She called me a smart ass & I should of blew her off right then. Rule of thumb...Don't piss someone off if you want them to do something for you. But instead, I smiled & fixed her two items in like, two minutes. She was happy, but never did say...hey, I'm sorry I called you a smart ass. She did say, I appreciate you, but the way I heard it was actually this: I appreciate fucking smart ass.

I use to try to get in this area when the prior housekeeper took care of it, but she pitched a bitch about me coming when it was locked down. No problem...I quit trying to get in, since I have plenty of other departments who treat me better & are glad to see me come by to see if they need anything. Do you think I will make an effort to do so in the future?

Good luck finding anyone to take care of your items dear. You see, this smart ass is intelligent enough to schedule his precious time in other endeavors, in other areas of the facility. Where the individuals who need my expertise, may think I'm a smart ass, but wait until they get what they want & I leave on my merry way....Before they express that observation.