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Friday, March 31, 2017

Day 10...

I spent some time pulling paint out of a drain last night. This was just a little bit. I couldn't believe the wad of latex that I had to pull out, before I could get the line to drain.

Many years ago, I was working for an electrical contractor. They would bid jobs all over the St. Louis region & I was at this particular building doing a rehab job off of Vandeventer. There was a plumber there & he was telling me a story about how he was running an auger down a toilet & had a tough time pulling it back. When he finally got it out, he thought it was an aborted fetus, some gal had flushed down the shitter. What it turned out to be, was a big dead rat, that he had grabbed & by pulling it back, he had peeled the outer layer of skin off of it.

See, those nasty bastards, climb in sewer lines & start eating shit, until they get so gorged & big, they get stuck & eventually drown. I thought he was simply full of shit & blew his story off, until I started encountering my own little stories, as I worked my way through different jobs in the trades. I have seen rats bigger than some small dogs & there are some manholes that experienced plumbers will not go down. Me... I climbed in many, because I needs new shoes.

I have never encountered any alligators while down in storm drains, but I have pulled out snapping turtles that could take off your hand. So, I'll take a paint clog any day over a giant hairy glow in the dark atomic turd. (which I have had many)

Time for a cold one. I go to the dentist today to get the old teeth cleaned.