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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Driving with your eyes closed.

Every single day, I see people plunking away on their phones texting & driving & they are oblivious to the fact that they are all over the road.

A drunk driver killed a lady I use to work with yesterday & her daughter is in ICU right now fighting for her life.

Last weekend, these young guys flew up the exit ramp going the wrong way & my friend leaned out of his window & started waving his arms & yelling to stop them, yet they flew right on by him & others. When they reached the highway, they realized their mistake & swung their car around & flew back down the ramp & hit the outer road.

I spend quite a lot of time traveling the interstates & I focus all of my attention on people around me, because at any given moment, they can kill you. And while you can cash in your chips on the crapper like Elvis, (just trying to pinch a loaf) your odds that some stupid fucker trying to watch a stupid video on their phone & instead, send you to meet Jesus, is probably only going to increase.

It makes me think of a bit Gallagher use to do. He said we should all start to tie tires around our vehicles & when some dumb ass swerves into us, they will just bounce off.

Me....I want the mach 5.....Go Speed Racer!!!