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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

For three days...

I have seen people get pulled over left & right & get speeding tickets. Now, these are not folks who are going a little over the speed limit. These folks have been flying. This is a couple of Highway Patrol officers who were talking to each other as I went by a few days ago.

They pretty much can pick and choose on any given day on this highway, because people are becoming simply more stupid. I mean, you can bitch all you want, but when you're doing triple digits...You're busted.

Last night, I just couldn't come to the understanding why people don't care about doing a good job anymore. Is it because they think their performance is actually good? I stopped by Taco Bell on the way to work & ordered 6 mini quesadillas. I paid the doofus at the window the exact amount & it took him like 5 minutes to count out 52 cents into the register. It looked like it was everything he could do to count correctly. Then, when I got my bag, I started to pull off & decided I should check it. Sure enough, I was one shy. I had to pull in & park & go inside. Because I paid for six, I freaking want six.

I won't even begin to describe the nightmare I'm encountering at work with dispatchers. I told the second shift supervisor that I was thinking about going home at lunch, because I just cannot perform my job adequately with people who are so dense, they think that giving me a call that they sat on for three hours is doing a good job.

They don't have to explain why it took you three hours to freaking show up. And let me tell you, when people don't give a shit about their job, it is infectious. Others begin to say, screw it, they don't care, I won't either.

Pride goeth before a fall is never applicable when the individual has none to start with.