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Saturday, March 11, 2017


A day when everyone wants to leave early & since most folks have the next two days off, they have no problems blowing people off. (they know those who work the weekends, will probably wind up getting it dumped in their lap)

Plus, we have some nasty weather coming. It sucks that all the early budding of the trees & flowers are probably going to see them die from the cold.

This bulb was actually still working (notice how dark the filaments have burned the glass) It came out of an exit light. One thing about my job... I always have enough time to put on my paperwork, because the items that need addressing never stop. The new boss was so anxious to bail (he is going on a cruise) That he left his office open & all the lights on.

I was going to drop my pants & take a pic like I was taking a dump in his chair & send it to him, but instead, I just killed the lights & locked up his office. Because I'm such an alright guy.

You know, they love to write in NA on my review, when they don't want to acknowledge the fact that I do perform services on that particular item. But they never have a section dedicated to situations like...He had the opportunity to crap in my desk, yet didn't. Go figure.