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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I was going...

To try to crash early last night, but a house on my street went up in flames & the fire trucks brought me out in the rain to see if it was going to spread to other houses & creep my direction.

When I first moved in here years ago, my neighbors were all old & very cool. But the world turns & they started to die off.

Now, I have rotating pieces of walking excrement at various times around me. So...I'm not much into trusting my neighbors.

I had one lady tell me, as I was in the back alley, watching fire through the windows of the house, that the lady who lived there had a pet rabbit who turned over a lit candle that started the blaze.

Now, as I watched the intensity of it, I thought, looks more like they were cooking meth & shit happens. But I just asked her if everyone was out of the house. She said, yeah, but the gal is worried about her rabbit. I'm guessing Peter Cottontail wasn't worthy of snatching up as they fled.

Call me cynical, but if I was a fire investigator, I would have to question the excuse she had just told me. Hey, I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first or last time) but I have no idea who those people are. I'll say this, watching the fire department in action, they do a damn fine job. I'm gonna try to crash now, but inclement weather is heading our way (tornado watch) One hit in Perryville & as of this scratch, two are reported deceased.

So, I might wake up in the yard later, or a tree, or not at all. Got to love Missouri!