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Monday, March 13, 2017

Last night..

I ran into a conversation that I didn't instigate. As a matter of fact, I was minding my own business...when the new guy started telling me that he actually thought our own government staged 9-11.

I thought he was trying to be funny at first, until I came to realize that he actually believes that shit. Now this puts me in a conundrum.

It's one thing, working with a moron. I have done that at different jobs throughout my planet walk & at my current position, I run into the village idiot on a daily basis. But this kind of batshit crazy is something else. When he started pouring this unsolicited information from his pie hole, the first thing I started to say was....How on God's green earth can you be this fucking retarded. But then I thought...what if this dillhole started saying this & one of us in the room had lost someone close on that day. He doesn't know a thing about any of us.

He also made some anti US statements, to the fact that our enemies (you know, the pricks who cut peoples heads off & burn people alive in cages) are only retaliating because the United States is evil.

He made that comment when I was out on a call, to another co-worker. I'm thinking this is going to get interesting real fast.