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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Must they...

Tear shit up everyday? I had a few calls last night that were caused by people (my money is on fellow employees) That went out of their way, to damage certain areas of the facility.

Like, they decided to take out their frustration on inanimate objects (that they didn't buy or will have to replace I might add)

On the way over to one of the buildings, I just stopped & took in a moment of solitude. Then it was off to wrestle with a clogged toilet. They are magic fountains to some people.

Tonight we are going to do a shop chili pot luck. One of the guys took off because he says he hates chili. I told him, well, we are bringing other food items as well, you don't have to eat it. He said, no, he can't even stand the smell of it. This is a guy who has never ate a White Castle & swears that he never will. Communist bastard.

By the way, don't take too much crap I put on here to heart. I make fun of everything & even shit that pisses me off gets left by the side when I crash at night. life is too short. I read a story yesterday about Coke finding poop in it's cans over in Northern Ireland. My manager had just sat down & popped a cold Coke & took a drink & sat his can on the table & I told him about it. He said, thanks you bastard for telling me before I opened one & drank it.

Lot of love in our department.