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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Next chapter.

So, this was on Rich's side after he saw a dog pissing on his fence.

I was freaking minding my own business last night, & wound up getting sucked into a nasty drain situation. long story short, I got it open.

I also got my finger nailed, because someone wasn't watching my back as I was squeezed in between a soda machine & a wall, trying to get a cable down the drain. No sense in bitching about it. lesson learned (again) Do not count on people to  do what they are suppose to do.

I could go into the reason why my cord got run over, which caused the unit to jerk back, which caused the cable to bind my hand...But I'll never allow myself to let that happen again. So really, it was my own damn fault for thinking someone would make sure some dillhole didn't blaze through the hall & screw me.

I'm just glad it wasn't worse.