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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

The weekends are full of people who don't want to be there, but are low on the totem pole or green as the Irish grass. Of course, there are some of us who are there, to keep the lemmings from walking off cliffs. (we should get much more for this endeavor)

Occasionally, I run into the young & dumb as a bag of bricks, but have such a decent disposition that no matter what stupid thing they do or say....It  is OK, because they make up for it with attitude. The reason I wind up laughing is simply this. I have never considered myself the old man on the mountain, who has all the answers...But these green young folks come to me & ask me questions & I could tell them the most unbelievable answer & they will think it is gospel.

Not that I do that mind you. The ones who are genuinely concerned with wanting the knowledge & are willing to be respectful, get my full cooperation. Those who are simply turds....Well, I have a ball in devising ways to make them understand the meaning of respect.

I was conversing with a plumbing contractor last night who has been saddled with what they are now calling a "pre-apprentice". That means, they can't find anyone with the basic skills to be enrolled in an apprenticeship program. They actually had to hire someone who can't even read a tape measure & this individual I was talking to, it is his job to teach this person fundamentals that they should have been taught in grade school.

He told me (he is a little older than me) It is nothing like when we were growing up. I told him, yeah, I know. They want $15.00 an hour to work at McDonalds, yet without a register, they can't even make change. We were in agreement on the causes of the situation & how to rectify it.

But if you want to know that....

You have to go & get me a left handed pipe bender first.