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Monday, March 20, 2017


Well it finally made it & today was freaking awesome. I had to make a road trip & did laundry & hung it out on the line to dry.

I actually broke out the shorts & my legs were like....WTF? is that the sun?

Been over at the folks house. The electric company came by & topped off some trees around their lines & did them a solid. I have no idea why everyone is so cool to my parents. If they only knew the times they beat my ass, they might have a different attitude towards them. Then again, they might ask them why they allowed me to live in the first place.

They have to adore them, knowing they didn't kill my sister for the shit she did. Yeah, that must be it.

Before you go condemning me on my comments, know that I ordered my Mom a Paw Paw tree for Mother's Day. She has been wanting one for awhile. I tried to call & find out why it hasn't been shipped yet, but I missed them during business hours. I still have time for it to get here, but they didn't waste any time sucking the money from my account. They then immediately sent me a survey, asking how my shopping experience was.... Well...I held off filling that out, because, until it has arrived, I'm not happy at all. My "experience" isn't complete you dillholes.

First day of Spring & I didn't die. That calls for a celebration in my book. Pop goes a cold one, while I build up the effort to go fold the pile of clothes on my bed.