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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tearing shit up.

Goodbye old gas station. I'm guessing they are going to install more pumps. Doesn't matter, They had a real bitch working there one time, who pissed me off (I had been going there almost daily for years) I hit Caseys instead. It pays to treat your customers well.

Some dillhole was in my yard yesterday morning with a ladder & woke me up. By the time I got outside, whoever it was was gone. I'm guessing they were sent by my neighbor to check out his rental property, but it pisses me off that they do not have the decent courtesy to ask my permission, before they just come in my yard. People fucking blow at times. Just go into my yard & wake me up. Not giving a shit that they might be waking a man up who works a shift other than days.

Almost makes one want to set claymores out for those who decide that locked gates simply mean, lets climb over the fence, screw the dude living here.  Ah...In my world, things would be so much easier. People would respect each other, or they wouldn't be around long. I'm a good neighbor. I don't do anything to piss off people. Perhaps I should start.

They would think twice if I opened my windows and started blaring Black Sabbath at one in the morning.

Food for thought.