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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Uncle Buck liked to shit.

Last night, we were very busy with a nasty little drain problem. We weren't informed about the trouble, until it started leaking down a floor into a room. (there will be some blow back on the late communication. Or at least I hope so)

Meanwhile, as I was augering out a floor drain, they tell us that we have another floor leak in another building. We finished up & cleaned up our mess & as I was taking the auger down to it's storage location, Uncle Buck went to check on the other leak call.

I met him over there & we discovered that they had yet again, made a mistake & there was no leak at all. But he said, go look in that room.

As I stuck my head in, there was this, sitting in a chair. The office was empty & as he turned on the lights & went in, he said he liked to shit in his pants when he walked into the room.

I wonder if he will have some freaky dreams tonight.