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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What is wrong with this picture?

Won't say where this is, but they installed a stand up cabinet right in front of the windows. They had plenty of room to turn it & move it down (since this particular room is enormous) But instead, you can't open two of the shutters.

It just goes to show you that common sense has left the building these days. Everyone wants to have everyone else to never offend them...In any way. But of course, they still want the opportunity to do so to those they wish to silence.

I have reached the age where I have probably been called everything under the sun. (I'm sure some of them are actually true as well) But come on people. Let me clue some of you in to something. You don't deserve to have everything your way all the time & if that is the way you think....Then you are certainly lacking some decent genetic make up. Perhaps your parents were brother & sister.

If you are standing at the counter of the local McDonalds & are screaming obscenities about how the moron (who can't make change, yet wants $15.00 an hour) screwed up your McNuggets...And the idiot who did so, decides to call you a pimp reject... What can you learn from this. Well, if you are bone ugly, he might have a point there. And you already know that the odds he is going to cure cancer are slim. Personally, I couldn't care less what you learn, because if I'm standing there, I have learned that they can't get orders correct & hey, you do look like Fred Flintstone with tits. I simply leave & go somewhere else, to witness yet another freak show in progress.

Every day, I feel like I'm the only sane person in the room at the time. But I sure have lots of material to use to make people laugh.